Establishment and Development of the M.F. Certus Technical Academy

In 2022 we have taken a significant step towards improving the knowledge and skills of our workforce by establishing a technical academy. This initiative is in line with our vision of nurturing a highly qualified and competent team, as well as ensuring client satisfaction and the professional development of our employees.

Key Milestones

New business premises in Lučko

In 2022, we completed the construction of a modern business space in Lučko. This facility serves as the headquarters of M.F. Certus and reflects the company's commitment to creating an encouraging and innovative work environment.

Establishment of M.F. Certus Technical Academy

Within the new premises, we launched our technical academy. This state-of-the-art training center is equipped with Schindler elevators and envisioned as a hub of knowledge, encouraging learning and development of our workforce's skills.

Goals of the Technical Academy

The Technical Academy is dedicated to the education and training of new employees. We believe in laying a strong foundation for our team members, ensuring they understand our values, industry standards, and the complexity of their roles.

For our existing workforce, the technical academy provides a platform for upskilling. We aim to raise the expertise of our installers through targeted training programs and workshops, keeping them up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies.

We see knowledge as an invaluable asset. By investing in the education and development of the skills of our installers, we enhance their individual skills and contribute to the overall expertise and competence of M.F. Certus.

Advantages for clients and employees
Client satisfaction

Clients can expect the highest standards of service because our installers undergo thorough training. This ensures that they perform various tasks precisely and professionally. Training on Schindler elevators in the training center allows our installers to be more efficient while working on real-life projects, thus improving the overall service.

Employee satisfaction

Our commitment to investing in the knowledge and skills of our employees contributes to a satisfying and fulfilling work environment. Employees have the opportunity to learn on equipment used in real-life projects, enriching their education and preparing them for challenges in the field.

A Future of Excellence
The establishment of the M.F. Certus Technical Academy is proof of our commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous development. While we empower our workforce with knowledge, we pave the way to a future where M.F. Certus remains a leader in the industry of vertical mobility.