Tractel Equipment for Working at Height: Climb Safely with Tractel Equipment

Safety is essential, especially when working at height. That's why we offer Tractel equipment, setting reliability and safety standards in every demanding task. Tractel's range includes top-notch safety equipment for working at height, lifting and handling equipment, as well as access solutions and load measuring.

Why use Tractel equipment

Top-notch safety at height
Leading supplier of personal protective equipment for working at height. The offer includes fall arrest devices, such as Stopfor, Blocfor, and Derope, a wide assortment of anchors, belts, safety fences (Bluewater), safety gates (Fabenco), and safety nets (Knot).
Precise load measurement and load control
European leader in industrial load measurement and load control. The offer includes products such as Dynafor, Handifor, Dynasafe, Dynaline, Dynarope, and Dynaplug.
Reliable lifting and load handling
World leader in manual and electric wire rope hoists. The offer includes manual and electric hoists with wire rope (Tirfor, Tirak, Minifor), clamps, pulleys, hooks, and ground support equipment.
Permanent and temporary access solutions
World leader in hoists (Tirak) and aluminum platforms (Alta, Skysafe). The offer includes work and transport platforms for climbing poles, construction hoists (Scanclimber), platforms for building maintenance, and permanent solutions for access to industry, infrastructure, and buildings.

Tractel Catalog

Welcome to the world of Tractel innovations!

Tractel catalogs and brochures provide insight into top-quality height safety equipment, lifting and handling equipment, as well as solutions for access and load measurement.

Through decades of expertise, Tractel offers reliable products and solutions, setting standards in the industry.

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Service for Tirak, Minifor, Blocfor, and Other Tractel Equipment

Maintain the reliability and longevity of your equipment with our professional service.

Whether it's regular inspections, component replacement, or troubleshooting, our certified technicians bring precision and expertise to every repair.

Each member of our maintenance team undergoes training and certification procedures to meet industry standards and manufacturer specifications. This ensures that our clients receive top-notch service and that their equipment is handled by experts with in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Our approach includes proactive and preventive measures for maintenance, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures, and ensuring the longevity of equipment.

In our repair service, we quickly diagnose problems and implement effective solutions, reducing downtime and ensuring a quick resumption of work.