Elevator Installation –
Collaboration with Schindler

For more than three decades we have been synonymous with quality elevator installation. As an official installer of Schindler elevators, every project is a legacy of reliability and innovation. From elegant passenger elevators to robust freight elevators, our commitment to quality and safety remains uncompromised.

Our elevator installation services include:

High-speed elevators

Experience the ultimate vertical mobility with our installation of high-speed elevators. Designed to meet the demands of high traffic, these elevators provide performance without compromising on safety.

Elevators without machine rooms

Expand your space and functionality with our machine room-less elevator installations. Ideal for projects where space is limited, these elevators offer an elegant and compact solution without sacrificing performance.

Hydraulic elevators

Experience the power and reliability with our hydraulic elevator installations. Designed for smooth and energy-efficient operation, these elevators are suitable for a range of applications.

Modernization of elevators

Breathe new life into your existing elevator systems with our modernization services. We improve safety, performance, and aesthetics, ensuring a high standard of environmental friendliness and providing an enhanced user experience.

SLIM FULL FLEX platform lease

Experience flexibility and functionality with our SLIM FULL FLEX platform lease services. This innovative solution provides a platform for various applications and ensures adaptability to unique project requirements.

Elevator installation supervision

Rely on the expertise of M.F.Certus for supervisory services during elevator installation projects. Our experienced staff supervises each phase, ensuring precision, compliance with safety standards, and successful implementation of the elevator system.

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Schindler elevator installation
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Schindler elevator installation
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Schindler elevator installation

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