Safety first!

Safety is a fundamental value of M.F. Certus. It is implicit in our products and services and in the way we work.

We believe that all injuries, work-related illnesses and accidents are preventable, and we will strive for the highest standards of safety and health performance.

By establishing the ISO 45001:2018 standard, we show how important it is to successfully manage potential risks for the health and safety of employees.

Our safety culture is based on prevention, hazard awareness, continuous improvement and compliance with carefully developed procedures.

Our goals are to ensure work withour injuries and occupational diseases!


The business policy of our company is focused on meeting the needs and expectations of customers and all interested parties through enterprise management, resource and processes management and their continuous improvement.

In accordance with the criteria of sustainable development, we apply the following international ISO systems:

• ISO 9001:2015: quality management
• ISO 45001:2018: occupational health and safety management
• ISO 14001:2015: environmental management