Focusing on customer needs and customer satisfaction are the most regarded values at M.F.CERTUS d.o.o. These are the standards we measure and evaluate our success against.

To achieve, maintain and even expand on these values, we are permanently committed to following:

 Offering our clients service that will satisfy their requirements and expectations

 Complete projects on time, in full and reliably

 Nurture and develop partner relationship with our costumers

 Employ expert and ambitious staff and provide the opportunity and obligation for continuous development and education

 Follow and implement all technical and legal regulations in the field of installation of lifts, escalators and moving walks

 Follow legal regulations in the field of environment protection, health protection and safety-at-work and continuously harmonize our business with it, keeping in mind specific legal requirements of the countries we conduct our business in

 Acquire and use technologically advanced work equipment, communication and computer technology

 Implement effective safety-at-work measures and provide all necessary safety equipment which will guarantee high levels of health and safety of our employees

 Consult with workers and include them in decision making related to health protection and safety-at-work

 Continuously care about environment protection and by regular assessment of environment aspects and impacts associated with company’s business processes strive to improve measurable results of environment protection

 Implement and continuously upgrade process effectiveness and integrated management system based on international ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 norms and aspire to surpass these norms

 Set measurable and achievable goals

In the process of planning and completion of each job, there is incorporated the determination to prevent injuries and health problems, to care about environment and also to continuously improve health and safety at work and its subsequent results.

Every employee at M. F. CERTUS must be familiar, understand and accept this Policy as permanent guidelines in his/her work.

Zagreb, 4.11.2019


Tihomir Mravlinčić

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