M.F. Certus d.o.o. Privacy Policy

Company Information 

M.F. Certus d.o.o., Ježdovečka 2g, 10250 Lučko, OIB HR21127775270  

General Information

We are committed to protecting the personal data of our users and we collect only essential, basic information about users that are necessary for fulfilling our obligations.

All user information is strictly confidential and available only to employees to whom such information is necessary for job performance. All our employees are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.

M.F. Certus d.o.o., Ježdovečka 2g, 10250 Lučko, OIB HR21127775270, in conducting its business, collects and processes personal data in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The protection and security of personal data of our clients, employees, and business partners are a priority for M. F. Certus d.o.o.

How we collect data

M.F. Certus d.o.o. primarily collects data directly from the web page user. 

What types of personal data we collect

M.F. Certus d.o.o. collects and processes the following user data:

  • Basic personal information: name and surname, address, personal identification number, date of birth, 
gender, contact information (email address, telephone number)
  • Communication with M.F. Certus d.o.o.: written and electronic communication, communication on 
social networks, etc.

Data retention period

M.F. Certus d.o.o. carefully retains user data for as long as the project lasts. 

Data collected during processing based on legal grounds is retained in accordance with the time limits set by the relevant laws (for example, the Accounting Act).

M.F. Certus d.o.o. retains user data for one year. After that time, data is permanently deleted or anonymized. At the request of the user, M.F. Certus d.o.o. may delete the data earlier.

Purpose and methods of personal data processing

Types of personal data M.F. Certus d.o.o. processes and potential user data include the following:

  • Execution of contracts
  • Fulfillment of legal obligations

M.F. Certus d.o.o. processes personal data primarily for the purpose of concluding contracts and fulfilling legal obligations on behalf of the user. The data provided for the above purposes shall not be used for any purpose other than the execution of the contract or for activities requested by potential users for which the contract was concluded. In case the user does not provide the necessary data for the conclusion and execution of the contract, M.F. Certus d.o.o. will not be able to conclude the contract and/or perform the work related to the execution of the contract.

Obrada podataka u gore navedene svrhe nužna je pretpostavka za izvršenje ugovora ili poduzimanje aktivnosti na zahtjev Potencijalnog korisnika prije sklapanja ugovora. U slučaju da Korisnik ne želi pružiti podatke nužne u svrhe sklapanja i izvršenja ugovora, M.F. Certus d.o.o neće moći sklopiti ugovor i/ili izvršiti pojedine radnje vezane uz izvršenje ugovora.

Contact forms and e-mail links

If you contact us using the contact form on the "Contact us" page or by email, we can store the data in our database for the purpose of your engagement with us as a (potential) client or partner.

How we protect personal data

M.F. Certus d.o.o. protects data using various technical and organizational measures to protect data. These measures include the following:

  • Adoption of protective measures on systems where user and/or potential user data is located
  • Regular control of security measures and data protection measures
  • Continuous education of employees.

Where personal data is processed

M.F. Certus d.o.o. normally processes personal data within the Republic of Croatia.

Additionally, M.F. Certus d.o.o. also processes data in other countries, and in the case of countries within the European Union, it does so in accordance with EU regulations.

Regardless of the location of data processing, it is always processed in compliance with adequate personal data protection standards, at least in the manner required for data processing within the Republic of Croatia.

Transfer of personal data

M.F. Certus d.o.o. will never sell personal data of Users and Potential users. The data is not transferred or exchanged with any other legal or physical persons, except in the following cases:

  • If there is a legal obligation to disclose or authorize based on the law
  • If carrying out certain tasks requires engaging a third party as the processor of certain activities on behalf of M.F. Certus d.o.o., the processor acts exclusively upon the instructions of M.F. Certus d.o.o. and ensures the level of data protection as if the activities were carried out by M.F. Certus d.o.o. itself.

Whom to contact

Users and Potential users can exercise their rights by submitting a request to the M.F. Certus d.o.o. Customer Service via written or electronic communication.

Address for communication:

M.F. Certus d.o.o., Ježdovečka 2g, 10250 Lučko

If Users or Potential users suspect any breach regarding their personal data, they can file their complaint in writing to the Data Protection Officer.

Address for communication: Ježdovečka 2g, 10250 Lučko

E-mail address: certus@certus.hr


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