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SCBD Lot 10 in Jakarta, Torre Cajasol in Seville or Heron Tower in London are just some of many buildings we have improved installing elevators or escalators… 

Heron Tower, London


elevators AND escalators INSTALLED






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About Us

M. F. Certus d.o.o. started its operations in the year 1994 as a company specialized in elevator, escalator and moving walkway installations. Within a very short period of time the company focused on a segment of high speed high rise elevators and dedicated most of its capacity into installation of the products of world renowned Swiss manufacturer SCHINDLER.

Products and Services

Installation and commissioning of high speed and high rise elevators
Installation and commissioning of hydraulic elevators and elevators without machine/engine room
Installation of escalators and moving walkways
Supervision jobs
Installation platform and Tirak hoist maintenance
Renting SLIM platforms

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