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We are your one-stop solution for the installation of elevators, utilization of solar energy, and ensuring safety at any height. Along with proven expertise in the installation of elevators as a long-term Schindler partner, we extend our services to the installation of solar power plants and the delivery of Tractel equipment for working at height. We are committed to excellence on every level.

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Schindler elevator installation
Installation of solar power plants
Distribution and service of Tractel equipment for working at height

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Germany / Berlin / Stream

Schindler elevator installation

Indonesia / Jakarta / LOT 10

Schindler elevator installation

Chile / Santiago / Costanera Center

Schindler elevator installation

Tractel equipment for working at height

The leading global expert in safety that offers reliable, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for working at height.

From vision to reality: A journey through the history of our company

M.F. Certus d.o.o. began its operations in 1994 as a company specializing in the installation of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways. With a strong focus on high-rise elevators, the company quickly positioned itself as a key player in the industry, oriented towards products of the well-known Swiss manufacturer SCHINDLER.

Commitment to safety and quality

M.F. Certus sets safety as a fundamental value in its products, services, and work. With the goal of preventing injuries and illness, we strive for the highest safety standards through prevention and awareness of hazards.

Also, the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and focused on meeting their needs and expectations through the management system.

Let's reach the TOP together

Employees are the foundation of our success. We highly value the contribution of our employees and strive to ensure their satisfaction. We recognize the dedication and efforts of our workers because we know that the prosperity of our company depends on the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience they bring. Currently, we have a dynamic team of over 80 elevator installers who are actively engaged in projects abroad, in addition to 14 employees and staff in other positions.