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Maintenance of HAILO platforms, Pometeno brdo, Croatia

Maintenance of HAILO platforms in wind turbines on Pometeno brdo, for KonĨar GIM

SCBD Lot 10, Jakarta, Indonesia

Installation of 22 Schindler lifts S7000 from 85m to 216m, from 4 m/s to 7 m/s; 2017

Southbank Tower, London, United Kingdom

Installation of 10 elevators S5500 and installation of 3 elevators S7000 up to 142 m, 4m/s

Torre Cajasol, Seville, Spain

Installation of 13 lifts SCH7050 up to 174m, 6m/s

Torre BBVA, Mexico

Installation of 4 Schindler lifts S7050 up to 226m, 6m/s

Bosch, Moscow

Installation of 5 lifts Schindler S7000 up to 2,5 m/s and 52 m high; 2014